Why PTA? 

By joining the PTA, you help us meet our school's needs that are outside the scope of the school's budget in addition to so much more!  As a PTA member, you get great discounts both locally and nationally.  When you go a step further and volunteer to help with events - our join our PTA Board - you set an example for our students to follow and greatly encourage our teachers and staff!  As a member of the PTA, you can help drive change in our school and be an advocate for every child at Boals. 


I've got the PTA bug...where do I sign up?!

Connect to the membership page. Individual dues are $12, Family Dues are $20.




I am interested...but I have a few questions.


Q: If I join, do I have to go to meetings? Not at all. Being a PTA Member simply gives you the right to exercise your voice and vote on topics at the General Membership PTA meetings.  We would love to have you, but attendance is never mandatory.


Q: If I join, do I have to spend a lot of time volunteering at the school?  I work full time.  No,  joining the PTA is not the same as volunteering. If you choose to volunteer as your schedule allows we would LOVE to have the help!  We believe there is great value in volunteering at the school for both the parents and students alike. There will be various volunteer opportunities available throughout the year so that we can accommodate a variety of schedules.


Q: What are membership dues used for? Your membership dollars go toward benefiting EVERY child at Boals. The PTA helps fund numerous programs, products for the school (i.e. playground sun shade), all of the parties and more...much more!  A portion of membership dollars also go to the Texas PTA and National PTA. 


Q: Why should I join the PTA?  PTA helps connect Boals staff members, teachers and hundreds of parents in our Boals community as partners and advocates in our children’s education. 100% of Boals teachers are members of  Boals PTA. By joining PTA, you become part of the largest child advocacy organization in the state with nearly 500,000 members across Texas. The Boals PTA benefits EVERY child at our school and PTA is a valuable resource for every Boals family! 

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