Operation Be Smart is a great way to teach students about the dangers of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. This is much more than a “Just Say No” type assembly, however. James explains to the kids why these substances are harmful and provides techniques to help avoid them in an age-appropriate way. James Wand shows kids how to say “no!” to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs and “YES!” to a bright future.


 We are excited to say that James Wand will be back virtually this year, presenting to our classes on Friday, October 30, 2020.




Students will enter the dome and be introduced to a "star filled" sky. The navigator will guide students through the Northern Hemispher exactly how they appear on the day the dome is at Boals. Students will learn to identify planets and be introduced to Greek mythological characters ans see how these heroes of the past can be found in the stars. Students will also view the night sky in different seasons and global perspectives.








Hands-on museum brought to Boals. This is not our typical assembly show, Kidz Science Safari will have at least 12 interactive STEAM exhibits that our students will be allowed to freely eplore. The Safari is great fun - and educational as it aligns with the elementary science standards. 


Subjects Covered
  • STEAM education
  • Energy
  • Technology
  • Simple machines
  • Geometry
  • Animation
  • Structures
  • Conservation of energy
  • Friction
  • Programming
  • Gravity
  • Invention
  • Patterns
  • Problem solving
  • Team building
  • Paleontology
  • Microscopes


Hands-on science experience. Our students will be engaging in exciting science projects that encourage them to explore the many wonders of science!


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